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Privacy Policy for Due Ride

Your privacy is important to DueRide (sometimes referred to as the “DueRide”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) and the personal information that you provide to us, and that we otherwise gather about you, is vital to us because it allows us to provide you with our DueRide Services (defined below) and make your experience as safe and enjoyable as we can achieve. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, share and protect the information that we have about you. It also describes how you can access and update the personal information you provide to us, and make certain choices about how your information may be used.

This Privacy Policy applies to any way you may access and/or contact DueRide, including web and mobile access, regardless of your method of accessing DueRide. The activities and services offered by DueRide are collectively referred to as the “Services.”


Please review this Privacy Policy carefully so that you understand DueRide’s privacy practices. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, do not use any of our Services or give us any of your personal information. In addition, please review DueRide’s Terms of Use, which may apply to your use of our Services. This Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference into DueRide’s Terms of Use and will be applicable to users using both DueRide website( and DueRide Ride Pool Mobile App (all OS versions).

If you have additional questions or require more information about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us

Information Gathered by DueRide:

DueRide gathers a wide array of information from those who use its Services for the purpose of providing those Services to its users (both passengers and Car Owners, together referred to as “Users”) as well as to continue to improve DueRide’s Services.

The information we gather from our Users, whether via mobile devices or website (details on user’s information captured by both website and mobile app are mentioned in section below) , such as online registration, GPS tracking, or otherwise, helps us maintain safety protocols and personalize our User’s experience, while continually allowing us to improve the DueRide experience. Some, but not all, of the types of information we gather from Users may include sensitive personal information about you, including your full name, a current photograph, as well as information identifying the device you use to access the Services, its IP address, your physical geographic location, and other information that DueRide deems necessary or desirable to provide, enhance, and improve the Services and to maintain your account with DueRide accurately. Without much of that information, DueRide would not be able to provide the Services to you and DueRide does, and will, take reasonable steps to ensure that this information remains secure and confidential as to third parties. By using the Services, you represent and warrant that you are aware of this Privacy Policy, that you have the authority to provide us with any and all of the information that we may request from you, and that the information that you provide is materially accurate, to the best of your knowledge.

DueRide website may also use various technologies to gather information about your mobile phone model, brand, OS and software also may be automatically collected by DueRide. This information can include, but is not necessarily limited to: your IP address, the browser you are using to access, etc. This information may be used by DueRide for the operation of the Services, to maintain and improve the quality of the Services, and to provide general statistics to DueRide regarding your, and other Users’, use of DueRide’s Services.

You are also free to use any social media aspect of DueRide, whether maintained as part of the DueRide platform or via third parties (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). However, be advised that, by doing so, any personal information that you disclose, including your name, photo, details about your use of DueRide’s Services, etc., may be viewed and/or used by other users and as such is beyond DueRide’s control.

DueRide may also collect information about you from third party sources such as google maps, playstore etc that helps DueRide to better attribute the data collected and present a more accurate matching for the carpooling users. These sources include, but are not necessarily limited to, mediaSource, location and other Users who use DueRide’s Services. We may also use the information that you provide to us about DueRide Car Owners and passengers for internal purposes, to improve DueRide’s Services, to promote DueRide, to advise other Users, and to enhance safety and efficiency for our Users.

We collect different information from passengers and Car/Bike Owners, and all Car/Bike Owners must agree to add car/bike details along with car/bike registration details prior to being accepted as a designated DueRide Car/Bike Owner. This information in its sole discretion, deems prudent to collect to enhance the DueRide Services and the safety and overall experience of those who use DueRide.

Information captured by DueRide website

DueRide captures the following information from the users though the website usage to ensure a quality service of the DueRide ride pool solution. The data points mentioned here are an indication of the type of data captured and are not limited to the ones mentioned here.

Registration details – Only to contact the user based on his approval to be contacted such as Name, phone number, email etc

Information captured by DueRide Mobile app

DueRide captures the following information from the users though the Mobile app usage to ensure a quality service of the DueRide ride pool solution. The data points mentioned here are an indication of the type of data captured and are not limited to the ones mentioned here.
Name / Gender / Email / Phone number/ user type / car/bike details / OS details ad version
Work email / user’s picture / emergency contact / GPS location

DueRide’s Use of the Information It Receives From and About Its Users:

Information we gather about you is an important part of our business, and we need to collect this information to be able to provide the Services to you as safely, efficiently, and effectively as possible. However, we are not in the business of selling your information to others.

We use your personal information, including your email address and/or mobile telephone number, to contact you in connection with your use of DueRide’s Services. We may share this information with other DueRide users as necessary to arrange for you to use the Services, and also for promotional services relating to DueRide. For example, when you, as a passenger, use the DueRide mobile application to request a ride beginning and ending at particular locations, we will obviously need to share information about your current location and your desired destination with a Car/Biker Owner who is using the DueRide Services. By using DueRide in this manner you are consenting to our use of this personal information about you. Similarly, if you are a Car/Bike Owner using DueRide’s Services, we may share your current location with a passenger using DueRide’s Services who is looking for a ride to alert that passenger of your current location and/or estimated time of arrival at the pickup location. If a passenger and Car/Bike Owner are simply using DueRide’s Services to arrange a meeting time and location, we may provide personally identifying information from one to the other, including a photograph, vehicle information and other data that DueRide deems prudent to enhance the DueRide experience. With regard to the financial information that you provide to DueRide, we will use that primarily to maintain your account with DueRide and to process financial transactions with applicable financial institutions. We will not share your personal financial information with other Users of DueRide’s Services, but as stated above, other Users may receive personal information about you including your name, geographic location, type of vehicle you are driving, photo, license plate number, etc. By using DueRide’s Services you consent to our sharing this information with other Users.

We may also share your comments, whether as a passenger or a Car/Bike Owner, about others who use the DueRide Services, whether Car/Bike Owners or passengers, to improve their and your experience with DueRide.

You will have the option to assist us in limiting the number of non-ride communications you receive from us and we will do our best to honor your instructions to the extent we can do that and still provide you with the Services as DueRide sees fit. We will also use the personal information you provide to us, via any platform, to forward trip information to you from other Users, and to contact users to suggest potential matches. We may share your personal information with third party service providers so they can provide DueRide with support services such as e-mail origination, insurance coverage, and payment processing services. Unless you authorize us to do otherwise, we will endeavor to ensure that these third party entities will not use your personal information for any purpose that is not related to DueRide’s Services. Except as otherwise set forth herein and in the Terms of Use, we will endeavor to provide you with adequate notice when information about you might go to third parties, and you will have an opportunity to instruct DueRide about the use of that information, which we will endeavor to follow unless otherwise required (such as a subpoena or other order from a court of competent jurisdiction).

In addition to the information that we collect about you, you agree to receive information that we may send to you with respect to the Services, including, but not limited to, the names, telephone numbers, photos and other identifying information about other users of the Services with whom you may be sharing a ride.

Information Collected from Users Who Are Car/Bike Owners:

If you wish to qualify as a Car/Bike Owner, you must consent to DueRide to collect Personal Information from you in addition to the information that we collect from all Users of DueRide’s Services. Therefore, in addition to your name, email address, physical address, telephone number and other identifying information as set forth in the mobile and web site application forms, we may collect information including your Car/Bike Owner’s license details, information about your vehicle , your automobile insurance coverage.

We use this information to determine that your vehicle is safe, you are a safe Car/Bike Owner, you are insured as a Car/Bike Owner, and that you are otherwise qualified to accept passengers as a Car/Bike Owner with DueRide. Whether or not you qualify as a Car/Bike Owner with DueRide is solely and exclusively within DueRide’s discretion and, while DueRide does not discriminate based on race, gender, ethnic background and sexual orientation, you may be deemed qualified or unqualified for any appropriate reason including the comments that other users of DueRide’s Services leave about you.

Security of your Information:

DueRide makes a reasonable and sensible effort to ensure that your information is secure on its system. For exampled, DueRide works to protect the security of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information in transit. DueRide has staff dedicated to maintaining the privacy of information that its Users provide. However, DueRide is not liable for an unauthorized breach of DueRide’s security and protection protocols (i.e., if DueRide’s electronic files are “hacked”), and you agree that you will not seek damages from DueRide, and that DueRide shall not be liable for any damages incurred by you, in the event your personal information is stolen or otherwise secured from DueRide’s database of users, unless DueRide is grossly negligent in maintaining the security of its database and other personal information

Your DueRide profile is password-protected so that only you and authorized DueRide employees and agents have access to your personal account information.

Disclosure of User’s Information

Your personal information may be passed on to a third party in the event of a transfer of ownership of DueRide’s assets, or a bankruptcy, or by other operation of law. DueRide may also disclose personal information when, as described herein, we determine that such disclosure is necessary to comply with applicable law, to cooperate with law enforcement, or to protect the interests or safety of DueRide itself, and its Users.

Finally, you should know that DueRide is required to cooperate with appropriate government and law enforcement officials and private parties to enforce and comply with applicable laws and court orders. As a result, DueRide may access, use, preserve, transfer and disclose your information (including Personal Information), including disclosing this information to third parties such as government or law enforcement officials or private parties as DueRide, in its sole discretion, reasonably determines is necessary and appropriate: (i) to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, subpoenas, governmental requests or legal process; (ii) to protect and/or defend DueRide’s Terms of Use regarding the Services, including investigation of potential violations of the Terms of Use; (iii) to protect the safety, rights, property or security of DueRide and the passengers and Car Owners who use the Services, or any third party that uses or provides services to DueRide; (iv) to protect the safety of the public for any reason; (v) to detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues; and/or (vi) to prevent or stop activity we may consider to be, or believe poses a risk of being, an illegal, unethical, or legally actionable activity. Further, DueRide may use your IP address, GPS provided location, or other information that identifies you and/or your mobile device, and may do so in cooperation with third parties such as copyright owners, internet service providers, wireless service providers and/or law enforcement agencies, including disclosing such information to third parties, all in our discretion. Such disclosures may occur without notice to you.

Creating an Account and Using DueRide:

You must be over the age of eighteen years to create an account with DueRide and directly use its Services, although DueRide account holders may use the Services while accompanying passengers under the age of 18. DueRide does not permit anyone under the age of eighteen to create an DueRide account and DueRide does not knowingly and directly provide to anyone under the age of 18, or permit anyone under the age of 18 to use, its Services, unless those persons are accompanied by an adult (18 years or older) who has his or her own DueRide account and, by using the Services, agrees to be responsible for the conduct of any other passengers using the Services, including those under the age of 18 years. By creating an account with DueRide and using its Services, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old, and you agree to abide by the Terms of Use as described elsewhere on the DueRide web site and referenced in its mobile applications.

Editing and Updating Your Information:

DueRide provides all Users with the ability to access and edit their respective personal information. To update personal info, navigate to your account in the DueRide mobile application or online, and enter your login and password. Once logged in, you may view, update and change your personal and account information.

However, be advised that, in order for DueRide to maintain the integrity of the information that it must collect regarding its Users and to take reasonable steps to enhance security and the Users’ experience with DueRide, there are certain data, including your driving license record that DueRide collects, that you cannot alter yourself.

DueRide’s databases automatically update any personal information you provide to DueRide. Any information that you provide to DueRide by any means (mobile, internet, e- mail, etc.) or that DueRide obtains from internal or third party sources about its Users, including you, is and shall remain, the property of DueRide.

Retention of Information:

To preserve the integrity of the information that DueRide receives from, and maintains regarding, its Users, including you, and to comply with applicable statutes and regulations, DueRide maintains its databases and the personal information that you and all Users provide for an indefinite length of time. By creating an account with DueRide and/or using DueRide’s Services, you consent to DueRide’s use of your personal information and acknowledge that DueRide may maintain your information in one place for this indefinite length of time. DueRide will keep the user’s information for a minimum of 10 years and may archive it based on DueRide’s discretion.

DueRide may also archive Users’ accounts, including yours, and the information that DueRide maintains regarding those accounts, upon your written request.

By using the Services, you represent and warrant that you understand and agree that all information submitted by you to DueRide shall become and remain the property of DueRide and may be used in DueRide’s sole discretion in accordance with this Privacy Policy and its Terms of Use.

Theft of Mobile Phone or other media devices Owned by User

In case the user looses or reports a theft of the media device, mobile phone or any other form of device used to access DueRide profile with a request to hold, archive , block or delete DueRide profile, the user is required to submit a proper copy of official police report (FIR) reporting the loss of mobile phone or device. DueRide will only be able to take any action on blocking or barring the profile based on verification of the police report. Any loss of data or misuse of information from DueRide profile before the account is blocked or archived is not DueRide’s responsibility.

In case the user looses or reports a theft of the media device, mobile phone or any other form of device used to access DueRide profile with a request to hold, archive , block or delete DueRide profile, the user is required to submit a proper copy of official police report (FIR) reporting the loss of mobile phone or device. DueRide will only be able to take any action on blocking or barring the profile based on verification of the police report. Any loss of data or misuse of information from DueRide profile before the account is blocked or archived is not DueRide’s responsibility.

Data Security Standards

The information captured by DueRide is stored on servers on the cloud.


If You have any concern, question, grievance or complaints in relation to the Site or its content, or this Privacy Policy, You can contact us at –

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

This Privacy Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. All disputes in relation to these Terms will be adjudicated exclusively before a competent court in India only.
Changes to our Privacy Policy:
If at any point we decide to use particular personally identifiable information in a manner materially different from that stated at the time it was collected, we will notify you by way of an email or by providing prior notice on the DueRide Mobile Platform. We also encourage you to review this privacy policy periodically.

Contacting DueRide:

If you have any questions about this privacy statement contact us at

Amendments and Updates:

This Privacy Policy may be updated, amended, and revised from time to time without any notice and all users of DueRide’s services will have an opportunity to review any updated, amended, and/or revised Privacy Policy and whether or not you have reviewed any updated, amended, and/or revised Privacy Policy, by continuing to maintain an account with DueRide you consent to the terms and provisions contained in any Privacy Policy utilized by DueRide.